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Looking for ways to get involved within your community's youth? Volunteering for the coalition is a great way to start. Our volunteers do things such as work lunch activities, and help our mentors at after school groups. We are currently looking for innovative people to help with our social media campaign, and our community events. If you can't make the time commitment but still want to help, we can always accommodate to a busy schedule. Thank you in advance for your time. 

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For nearly three decades, Be Awesome has made a constructive influence on our local youth. Our coalition couldn't have done it without our donors support. We want to encourage everyone to keep helping in making a difference by donating.

Monetary donations have the most immediate impact. No donation is too small. If you are looking to sponsor a local nonprofit, we are tax deductible and can work with our network to reach over 15,000 residents with your brand. 

Supplies are also needed. These include office/craft supplies, kid friendly food and drink, and toys such as LEGOS. We could even use small items or gift certificates for incentives. 

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A great way to support and stay connected within our cause, is by following us on social media. This helps keep our followers updated and to spread the word about our mission to other individuals. This will also help increase our impact.  

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Providing Programs That Matter

Be Awesome Youth Coalition


We are a fun and engaged group of  community members of all ages and sectors. We are dedicated to developing confident, connected, and successful youth.  We meet every 2nd Wednesday from 5:15-6:30 at 18150 N. Alterra Parkway.  

Youth Leadership


Our Be Awesome Youth Leadership Team  is made up of youth who want to make an impact by promoting positive life choices. If you're looking to make friends join us every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30pm. It's a great way to connect, make a difference, and have fun. 

Be Awesome Mentoring


At Be Awesome Mentoring we know that some youth just need individualized attention. However, sometimes due to circumstances out of their control they don't get it. 

That 's where we step in. The mentor-mentee relationship is helping improve school performance. 

 We have partnered with local schools to provide part time school based mentors on their campuses. Mentors meet with students individually and/or in after school and intercession groups. 



Be Awesome offers drug and alcohol education through curriculum delivered in schools. Our team is trained and prepared to provide information on prescription drugs, marijuana, and alcohol prevention. Contact us for a complimentary presentation for you and your group. 



Be Awesome knows it is crucial for teens and young people to find ways to connect and have fun with out using substances. 

Our local surveys show time and time again friends and parties are the top ways youth access drugs or alcohol.

 We organize community events for kids, teens, and families to help counter that. They are fun, unique, and supervised by screened, trained staff who have our youth's best interest at heart. 

Don't Take Our Word For It


Jesus Orci Vega

I was an intern and then an employee of CAASA while in high school at their Youth Rec Center, I leaned to be responsible along with developing an above average work ethic that I have carried with me ever since. I am now a senior at Arizona State University with a full scholarship, I recently accepted a position at a prestigious company, and I am in the process of buying a new home here in Maricopa. None of these achievements would have been possible without CAASA’s program. 

Your Support Matters

Your support and contributions will enable us continue to develop confident, connected, and successful youth. 

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Be Awesome

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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Be Awesome Youth Coalition Meetings:

The Second Wednesday of the Month 5:15-6:30 PM

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